This is a poem I wrote in free thought after looking at a collage picture about civil rights by Romare Bearden called, The Dove.  There is one child in the picture covered in a veil that someone else pointed out as maybe symbolizing that slavery and human rights is still a very present issue.

by Romare Bearden

When will this chaos end-                                                                                    Do they not know that I am still here?                                                             Hunger and pain result from injustice.                                                               Revolt and rights result from freedom fight.

Wake up, realize, open your eyes quickly,                                                         Before it is too late;                                                                                               It is not too soon.

Come to my rescue and fight my case.                                                                 See my face, don’t leave me here alone.

Don’t you, can’t you see me and hear my cries?                                                       Save me.                                                                                                             Don’t leave me here alone.