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Genesis 1 goes through how God created all things through His Word (Jesus).  As God creates, He doesn’t rush through but He sets up His creation with order and design and beauty.  The day doesn’t define or dictate what God can do. He defines the day. He wasn’t rushed by it, it was created by Him and He stands outside of it (time).  God doesn’t waste anything.  He also doesn’t create without being ready for what He created.  He created light, sky, and land before He caused the land to produce vegetation. He had it prepared and ready before the vegetation was made.  He did all of this before the animals were made.  What if He made the animals and then said, “Oh, hang on there. Maybe stand over there until I make the land for you to walk on and the sky for you to fly in and the vegetation for you to eat.”   What if He did that to man? “Okay man, just wait there and I will be ready in just five more minutes?”  Everything God did, He did in order and in preparation for the next creative work.  The same is in our lives.  He doesn’t bring us somewhere and then say, “Argh! Okay, just wait here at this house/job/level until I can finish up this other stuff.  Five more minutes and I’ll be done.”  NO WAY! He is Himself wisdom, love, and sovereignty.  He knows all and is with all at all times.  Remember, He is outside of the day and night (time).  He will only bring us to a place where He has already provided and prepared for us when we follow His leading and are quick to be obedient and quick to be humble to His will over our own.  It is all about Him anyway!

This day has been created and the demands around us push us to rush through, but knowing that it was God who made the day and it is for Him that we are here… give Him your schedule, time, money, and love.  Let Him direct your steps.  He always wins and is always good, so better to be with Him than apart.  We often live for an illusion anyway. What He leads us to do and say will always be the most important, even if it doesn’t look so in the world’s wisdom.

Just as He prepares the place before we get there, He also wants us to prepare ourselves and our resources before we get there.  He prompts us by His Spirit and Word, it is up to us to be prepared for that which God is about to bring us to.

Eve was made after Adam was made.  This looks like God made Adam and then forgot to have Eve there, unprepared.  But God was preparing man in that time. Man was getting to know God intimately first, that the point to life is God Himself, knowing and loving Him.  God prepared man in responsibility, provision, wisdom, and security before He brought Eve from Adam to Adam.  Adam’s purpose, security, affirmation, acceptance, and his thoughts about life, himself, and others all were grounded in God’s love and presence first and from there was to always be; it was never meant to be substituted with woman or work.  The way to continue to live in God’s grace is and will always be to know Him and love Him.  Let us always begin with, continue in and go back to God.  As for Eve, she was in Adam during the preparation period.  He was also being prepared in secret.  Just because man cannot see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t real.