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Prayer: the place where victory is released before it is seen.

This is the first section of a short series of 6 posts on this section in Exodus and on the place of prayer.

Exodus 17:8-16

While Moses was leading Israel to the Promise Land, the Amalekites attacked them.

Up to this point, Moses has lead Israel out without having to engage in battle. Moses turns to Joshua and commands him to choose some men… you’re going to fight for us. I will stand on that hill over there and I am going to hold the staff of God in my hand.

The staff of God in my hand? Really? What is that going to do? Here is some background on the role of a staff. The staff is what the patriarch of the family carried. It included the names of generations past and was passed down the generational lines. It represented where someone came from and showed who their family was. (Hebrews 11:21) It is what the men would lean upon in their weakness. It was what shepherd used to guide and protect their sheep. It was what kings used to show their rule and leadership with. It was also used by John to measure the temple of God with in Revelation. (Rhabdos)

This staff that Moses is going to hold is where this commissioning of Moses began. After God called Moses over and began to share His plans, Moses could only see his limitations and was gripped with insecurity and fear. In order to build Moses’ confidence in God and to remind him of Who He is, God began to show Moses the wonders of His power. However, very significantly, God chose to use the staff Moses had in his hand to display His power.

God was essentially saying, look, Moses, I can use you. I want to use you. It really isn’t about you and your abilities or lack thereof. I will take a piece of wood that you use to lean upon and use it to show you it is by My power and might that I will use you, not by your might or abilities.

I visited my grandparents this past week. They have a friend who lives up the road who had just hurt the Achilles muscle in his heal and back of his leg. It was painful and he now had to walk with crutches. My grandfather took me and my niece over to his friend’s house to help him with his chores, but before we started my grandfather wanted us to pray for his friend. Here we are, just normal people without any special advantage or power, just trusting in God’s abilities.

This is a beautiful example of God using us in our weakness and limitations but choosing to display His glory and power in us. We prayed for him and the pain lessened. The next day the pain was gone and he was no longer using his crutches. Glory to God and God alone! When God uses the weak things of the earth, not only does it confound the wise, but it brings such glory to His name and reminds us that He is God and is good.

Take Away: In what areas do you feel weak and limited? Where has God called you to step out into what seems like impossible situations? What does His Word say concerning you and His plans for you? How will you trust that God is bigger than your inabilities and loves to use your weakness for His glory?  Who will you share this message with this week?