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Prayer: the place where victory is released before it is seen.

This is the fourth section of a short series of posts on this section in Exodus and on the place of prayer.

Exodus 17:8-16

As we have seen, the staff of God was used by God to display His power. As Moses held the staff in his hand, the Israelites were defeating the Amaekites; however, when Moses’ hands grew tired and he lowered his hands, the Amalekites would take the advantage. As simple and insignificant this seemed, the obedience and act of holding that staff actually brought victory for the Israelites. It might seem like it was strange and a waste of time, but just the opposite. It was powerful.

Prayer might seem simple and insignificant, but it is powerful. It seems like a waste of time and a chore, but it actually makes the difference and brings change. Prayer is the avenue to victory. Joshua is in the field with his men fighting the Amalekites, but his victory was a result of Moses’ obedience to lift the staff up. It may seem silly, but it’s true. It may seem silly and insignificant to lift up your hands in prayer on behalf of someone in the middle of a battle. Wouldn’t it have been more practical to join in the fight next to Joshua? But here is Moses standing on a hill holding a stick. Prayer makes the difference and brings about change. It’s powerful.

Prayer is powerful. It is also a work. The Bible says to labor in prayer. It takes effort. Moses’ hands grew tired. It is a consistent work. You don’t just throw your hands down because you can’t see the victory or because it is getting wearisome. You stick with it because of the promise you have from God. His Word is what qualifies you to stand there and encourages you to stay there.

Take Away: When you pray in faith to God, He hears you! The place of prayer is a secret, intimate place where the Lord and you go one on one and release the proclamations of His heart and is VALUABLE!!  Don’t be discouraged when it takes effort, anything that is valuable is costly.  #worthit!